Letisha Royster

Letisha Royster, the Founder & Owner of Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa. For years, Letisha went to local nail salons to get her nails done and none of them met her expectations. She didn’t feel safe from infections, treated with proper nail care, and/or have true relaxation. Eventually, she stop going because she felt there’s not a place to fulfill all her needs.

With a background working at one of the largest company in the world, practicing Accounting and Finance, she never thought owning a nail spa. However, a huge layoff affected her indirectly to want to change her life and developed a new dream. She wanted to become a nail technician and develop an experience with clients feeling cared and not just a number at their nail experience. It’s a feeling that she never had the chance to experience. and wanted to give back to her community.

She graduated with a Nail Technology diploma and became certified as an Advance Nail Technician, specializing in high infections control and treating high-risk clients for their nail care treatments. Through her own personal experience and training, she noticed many are neglected from the proper nail care just as her. Once learning waterless treatments are the most hygienic way to receive a manicure and pedicure, she decide to create a nail spa that gives back to the earth and people. She developed an eco-friendly spa that keeps people health safe from infections.

Why Go Waterless

Reason 1

Eliminate Risk of Waterborne infections – By eliminating water it created a safer environment and reduces the chance of being in contact with cross contamination while getting your nails done.

Reason 2

Enhance Skin Moisture – Soaking tends to dry out the skin leaving it hard to regain moisture into the skin.  While soaking the skin becomes soaked which doesn’t enable the skin to absorb products for moisturizing.

Reason 3

Eco-Friendly – Waterless treatments reserves 12-15 gallons of water per treatment.  It reduces the waste of high water usage during treatments being very friendly to the environment.

Reason 4

Long Last Polish – As the skin becomes soaked to absorb products for moisturizing. The nails are soaked from the water, which swells and expands.  The results after manicure treatment causes polish to chip as your nail forms back its original state.

Reason 5

Benefits Clients with chronically ill conditions. Clients who suffer from weak autoimmune systems are less at risk to infections. Diabetics are able to enhance skin moisture without soaking, which is not recommended by physicians.

“The Waterless Experience”

a safe haven for a healthy, relaxing, refreshing and sterile experience during your manicure and pedicure treatments.


Stop by for the essential waterless experience.


Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa Is Not Your Traditional And Quick Fix Nail Salon. We’re Alternative Nail Spa And By Appointment Only That Gives Spa-Like Nail Care Using Waterless Treatments. We Collaborate Cosmetics, Health, And Wellness Together To Give The Essential Experience For Clients Searching Of Quality Care And “No Rush” Atmosphere For Their Nail Care Treatments.



Licensed Nail Technician and Certified Advance Nail Technician,specializing in safety pedicures treatments and gel manicures.


  • 5 Star Review

    Carla Somerset
  • 5 Star Review

    Traci Eberhart
  • Today was my first Waterless MediPedi experience. It was nothing short of a slice of heaven. The salon was clean. The service was exemplary and Letisha's knowledge/care/concern about the health of my feet was something I'd never experienced before. Today may have been my first visit, but it definitely won't be my last.

    Adrienne Christie
  • New, more sterile concept to manicures and pedicures. No more soaking in luke warm or cold water. Quality service is worth the price! Give it a try!

    Keshia Taylor