Frequently Asked Questions

The Waterless Experience

It’s your experience to protect, refresh, relax, and feel fabulous during your cosmetic foot and hand treatments.  The Waterless Experience is a spa setting, starting with a consultation and hand/foot examination. Once examination approved, treatment is able to proceed.  It gives quality time or care for the hand/foot vs time being spent in soaking.  Proper nail care will be performed, enhancing of skin moisture using vegan products, steam towels will be utilized refreshes the body and skin, and relaxing with a massage.  Your experience will give an overall feeling of being valued client and not just another number during your treatments. It’s brings safety and care back to your nail experience.


Please call us if you will be arriving late for your reserved appointment time to determine our options. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment time we reserve the right to shorten or reschedule your treatment in order to avoid interfering with the next client’s appointment. If a treatment must be shortened due to time constraints, the cost of the original service booked will be charged.


We kindly ask that you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be charged 50% of the treatments booked.

We require a credit card to hold all appointments. Your card will only be charged upon completion of your treatment(s) or in the case of a late cancellation or appointment no-show

Cell Phone usage policy

In order to uphold the essential spa and relaxing experience for all of our clients, we politely ask you turn your cell phone on vibrate when you arrive. We also ask, while relaxing at the spa, please do not take any phone calls.

Group Experience

We currently take up to a group of 4.  Groups of 4 require a 50% deposit upon time of booking. Any cancellations or treatment downgrades within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged 50% of the treatment originally booked. Any no-shows will be charged 100% of the treatment cost and an additional 20% gratuity. We require 20% gratuity on all treatments in the group appointment.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and cash. We do not accept checks.

Private Parties

We do offer the option to reserve the entire salon based on the day of the week, time of the day and availability. Email us at to inquire about availability, policies and rates.

Who Benefits From “The Waterless Experience”?

Whether you’re busy 9 to 5 go getters, stay at home moms, pampered lovers, and/or person suffering from chronically illnesses (such as diabetes) that values their health.  The Waterless Experience benefits and safeguards all health and beauty.  Water has the capability to carry waterborne pathogens in our everyday use (such as for bathing, drinking, washing, etc.) The Waterless Experience includes elimination of soaking and practice aseptic techniques to increases prevention from cross contamination with waterborne pathogens.

What’s An Advance Nail Technician?

A licensed nail technician that has received a certification in providing aseptic cosmetic nail treatments for all clients.  Advance nail technician receive knowledge from their certification to implement aseptic techniques, especially for clients with special health concerns, such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, heart conditions and other chronic illnesses.  Clients that have special health concerns cannot risk pedicures with less than excellent infection control.  Therefore, nail technicians gain knowledge how to implement medical grade infection control, safe, and careful treatments required by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) regulations.   OSHA has a higher regulations than your local state board of cosmetology regulations.

What Is A Diabetic Pedicure?

For you and/or your diabetic family member to receive the proper cosmetic foot care treatment.  You will receive special safety care, including no nipping cuticles, no cutting, or scraping skin on your feet. The diabetic pedicure covers cosmetic foot care evaluation before proceeding with your pedicure treatment. The evaluation will determine, if the advance nail technician can proceed. The advance nail technician will proceed with your pedicure, if there’s no signs of danger to your health and well-being. The advance nail technician will not proceed with your pedicure treatment, if your foot care evaluation shows danger to your health of your feet. A recommendation will be for you to see a Podiatrist.

What Is A Toenail Restoration Treatment (Prosthetic Toe Nail)?

To restore the toenail whether partially or completely, resulting with a cosmetic appeal and flattering look for your feet. The restoration is for damaged or missing toe nails that are non-fungal.  A non-surgical transformation will be completed using Barefoot by LCN. Barefoot is a gel base substance for any nail type, providing flexibility to adjust to the movement of the nail and feet.  The results are comfortable and leave a natural appearance for your toenail. Polish can be applied to your toenail as well to enhance the appearance the appearance of your toenail.


Come enjoy the Waterless Experience.